10 Tips to Select Cigars for Gifts

You might be flirting with the idea of giving cigars for a gift, but you might find gifting cigars confusing, difficult, or even intimidating.

Do not worry. You came to the right place...

... because today we will share with you the BEST tips to make sure your next gift will be truly memorable.

Pinterest icon 10 Tips to Select Cigars for Gifts

10 tips to help you find the perfect cigar gift. Make your next gift unique and memorable.

Let's get started.

1. Always Pick Handmade Cigars

We can't stress this tip enough. For a gift, never purchase machine-made cigars, always buy hand rolled cigars.

And by never, we really mean never.


Think about wines. Maybe you enjoy the occasional box of wine. But, would you think it could be a great gift? Probably not.

There is a huge difference between machine and handmade cigars. In general, machine-made cigars are cheap and use low-quality fillers.

If you ask any connoisseur, they will tell you they smoke ONLY handmade.

2. Read the Product Descriptions

You don't need to be a cigar expert to find the product details for a particular cigar.

Just go to the vendor's website, find the product, and see if the product information is easily accessible.

Reputable cigar brands list their product's information. In fact, they typically make it very easy to find.

Always remember....

... a cigar brand is as good as its quality. And there is never shame in displaying details like sources of tobacco leaves, aging time frame, and origin of manufacture.

If a brand makes it impossible for you to find this kind of information, you can consider it a red flag.

sample product info in online store website

3. Consider Storage and Shipping

Cigars need to be properly stored if you want to keep them fresh.

If you are planning to give or ship your cigar gifts as soon as you receive them, you won't have an issue since manufacturers and smoke shops properly store them in commercial humidors.

However, if it will be a week or two before your gift is due, you can create a temporary humidor with readily available supplies around the house.

Here are a few ways to improvise a temporary humidor and store cigars for a few days:

1. Ziplock bag.

If the cigars were already properly humidified by the vendor, the ziplock bag will maintain the humidity level of the tobacco.

Depending on the size and how many cigars you purchase, you can use smaller or larger bags. Any bag that seals completely can be used.

2. Any airtight kitchen container.

Use a regular tupperware container for food or an empty glass jar.

Make sure they are very clean. You don't want to accidentally "infuse" the cigars with a weird smell.

3. Small coolers.

Most people have a cooler around the house. It can be a good choice if you are looking to store a box that doesn't fit in any of the above.

3 ways to make a temporary humidor

4. Consider a Sampler When You Don't Know Smoke Habits or Preferences

If you don't know the person's cigar preferences, a sampler is a safe choice.

A sampler is typically composed of a variety of cigars from a brand or manufacturer. And, it will typically have something for everyone.

So... What if a type of cigar or brand in the sampler might not be the "perfect fit" for an aficionado?

Do not worry.

People tend to use those opportunities to invite friends to smoke a cigar with them.

Also, think that most cigar lovers will be thrilled to try something they haven't before.

Either case, it is a win-win for you.

5. Consider Boutique Brands

Everybody knows your regular behemoth manufacturers like Cohiba or Arturo Fuente.

To make a gift truly unique and interesting, consider boutique brands.

Think about giving a gift card to a chain restaurant versus a great small family-owned place.

They will both get the job done....

... but I think you know where we are coming from.

Also, smaller luxury and high quality brands often surpass the levels of quality of large manufacturers. After all, their level of production is much smaller and can be controlled to the last detail if desired.

From the perspective of a cigar connoisseur or aficionado, smoking a cigar you haven't tried before is like an adventure.

And your gift will be one to stand out.

6. Visit the Cigar Manufacturer's Website

Like any other industry, cigar brands have websites.

Visit them.

If you don't know much about cigars, glance at pages like "About Us" or more informational pages.

It will be similar to striking a 5 minute conversation with a stranger....

... right away you will know if there is something off.

7. Read Cigar Blogger Reviews

Not all the best products out there have massive advertising budgets behind them.

However, nowadays bloggers are a great resource for small or boutique cigar brands.

Cigar bloggers are also a great resource for you, because they are real people talking about a product they actually tried.

When a company has a great product, they are more than willing to offer their products to bloggers for free.

twitter comments about galano cigars

8. Special and Limited Editions Make a Big Difference

If you are aiming to impress, limited edition cigars might be the perfect gift.

Limited editions (sometimes also referred as special editions) are limited production runs for a particular collection. They are perfect for high-end luxury gifts.

Regardless of the occasion, a box of cigars from a limited run will always be considered a classy, sophisticated, and thoughtful gift.

What makes a product limited of course is that the manufacturer only produces so many of an item. This information should be clear from the vendor's website; for example:

sample limited quantity info in website

9. Check Out Social Media Engagement

Great brands love to engage with their fans in different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

A great brand is never shy about showcasing its product to the world and their followers.

Use your social media account to check out the brand's official page.

10. Ask Questions!

When in doubt ask questions!

Here are a few ways to get more information about a cigar you are considering purchasing:

1. Send the vendor a question using the "Contact Us" form in their website.

Most vendors are more than happy to answer questions and guide you if you are unsure of which product to buy.

2. Ask a social media user you see posting about the product or brand you are considering.

Strong brands have their own hashtags you can use to search for users posting about their products.

hashtag search in Instagram

3. Post a question in an online cigar forum.

Cigar aficionados have strong online communities like CigarWeekly.com.

Regular visitors and admins will be happy to discuss with you what they think about the cigar related gifts you are considering.

Now You Are Ready to Buy the Perfect Cigar Gift

Now it's time for you to use these tips and find the perfect cigar gift!

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