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Today, we live in a fast-paced world where everybody seems to be rushing for almost everything they have to do, every time they do it. We wanted to create something special, dedicated to all those that want to stop for a minute and enjoy the finer things in life.

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Xurvivor embodies tradition and a nostalgia for those gallant gestures that every day seem to be closer to extinction. It represents everything about our cigars and everything we want to share with the world.

About Our Company And Values

Xurvivor Cigars is a startup that was born out of our desire to share Ybor City with the world.

We have modeled some of our core values and business strategy from some of the most successful modern companies in the world, including Amazon, Uber, and Tesla.

We believe in three things:

  • We believe in challenging the status quo.
  • We are here to offer you the finest cigars in the world.
  • We embrace excellence.

We understand there are great brands that have been the pillar of the cigar world for over 50 years. Some of them have been around for over a century!

We are proud to bring a fresh perspective to the cigar society, and are here to make a statement.

We are taking a unique approach to getting our cigars in the market:

  • Most of our cigars are part of our private production in Ybor City.
  • Most orders are processed same-day and shipped within one business day.
  • We focus on quality, not quantity.
  • We are known for our limited edition cigars.
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Some of the business decisions we make allow us to be extremely flexible, and will permit us to quickly expand to new distribution channels in other countries, if needed.

AboutOur Cigars

All Xurvivor cigars are 100% hand-made in our favorite city in the world: Ybor City, Florida. At Xurvivor Cigars, quality means everything. All our cigars are aged to perfection, zealously designed and meticulously built with the best tobacco from around the world. From packaging to flavor, we trust that smoking a Xurvivor cigar will always be an amazing experience.

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Finest Cigars in the World

Most of our cigars come from private production in Ybor City and taken directly to our warehouses in Tampa for aging.

Depending on the collection, our cigars are aged at least 3 to 6 months. We use large humidors kept at 70% humidity and constant temperature. For each product line, we carefully craft the aging process differently. For example, we age our SELECTO collection for 3 months using Spanish Cedar liners in our humidors to create a perfect combination of unique flavor profiles.

All of our cigars go through a rigorous selection process. There is no coincidence experts that review our products rave about the construction and aesthetics of our cigars.

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Ybor CityThe Cigar Capital of the World

Ybor City is a National Historic Landmark District in Tampa, Florida founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers. The city was originally populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Cuba, Spain and Italy. To this day, Ybor City is known worldwide for being the center of some of the best handmade cigars in the world.

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Ybor City is not only known for being the home of some of the finest cigars in the world, but also for a culture of family and tradition. Next time you visit, please make sure to enjoy a nice walk down 7th while drinking a "cafe con leche." Also, do not forget to take a photo of one of the beautiful wild roosters that have shared the streets of Ybor City with cigar manufacturers since the 19th century.

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