The Bachelor and the Gift of Cigars

One elegant and timeless gift for that groom to be is a box of fine cigars. Few other gifts show that same drift from bachelorhood to married man than a classic set of stogies.

Cigars conjure up the old days of men helping boys to make that transition to manhood by offering him his first pack of smokes.

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On your bachelor party, lighting up a premium cigar can be such as a memorable way to fully enjoy all that transpires on that day.

The sacrificial burning of cigars between friends seems to seal the bond of friendship for life. And it can calm the nerves and ward off any anxiety before proceeding down the aisle.

A good cigar can be a good gift choice for just about any guy on your list who is leaving his solitary bachelor status behind this year.

There is no need to keep trying so hard to determine what he really wants.

Nonsmokers even get in on the cigar-smoking act every now and then. This could be at a poker game with their best pals or while washing down glass of Bourbon.

If you are selecting a cigar for the very picky cigar smoker, you might want to send some special undercover agents to discover if our bachelor likes mild, medium, or full-body cigars, noting at the same time how big the cigars that he smokes are.

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Remember. As the bachelor’s party evening unfolds, This is probably the groom’s last Earthly night on Earth as unattached man. He is planning to spend it with his best buds. Therefore, a fine premium cigar can reflect that sentiment. The chosen party cigars should be specially to enjoy during a night partying with friends and finding continuous adventure along the way.

A cigar should set into orbit a night that should be like no other.

Often, the special cigar comes from the cousin. He might not be one of the groom’s closest friends, but he’s family and tries to be the one to keep the family honor. A fine premium cigar can do just that. Rather than promoting debauchery, the cousin’s cigar makes the event an extended family celebration.

Many tobacconist stores and cigar shops can fully educate you about cigars that are event appropriate such as for man leaving his single life behind. Plus, exploring a tobacconist’s humidor can be a fun adventure in of itself. There are some great gift options for every man whether he is a cigar novice or an aficionado. To get the perfect gift, a bit of investigation would be good.

Agreeably, bachelor parties, by their very nature, should be fun for all in the groom’s crew. That means that an essential trip to a cigar lounge is crucial. This ritual spans generations and has become a rite of passage before the groom becomes one with his significant other. The excited bachelor should feel that his loyal compadres are in step with him as he takes this leap head first into married life. Be sure that he and his cohorts have the night of their lives, kicking it off with a fine handmade cigar.

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Undoubtedly, the groom is probably someone who was your BFF since the 1st grade, sharing life stories, the ride in his first car, to double date with this now bride to be. The groom has been a loyal friend and a fine cigar can pay testament to this unshakeable monumental friendship.

From high-end cigar samples, smoke shop gift cards, even a very cool Cigar of the Month Club membership, the renowned stogie is a perennial good gift.

Please take note that cigar gifts are not only actual cigars.

One can choose for the lucky husband from a host of popular and fun cigar accessories.

There are many choices of fancy and premium boxes that can appeal to anyone of any taste and wallet.

There are also literally dozens of choices of cigar lighters made from stainless steel, silver, and carbon fiber that can fit any budget or for that one who has everything. In fact, there is a large community of nonsmokers who collect cigar accessories and memorabilia, particularly cigar lighters.

Some cigar lighters have become expensive heirlooms past to different generations at weddings. Father-in-laws have for generations gifted their future sons-in-laws valuable family cigar heirlooms as a sign of acceptance into the family.

Another often overlooked gift for that bachelor who actually smokes cigars are fancy ashtrays. Ashtrays can range from the very mundane to very elaborate and expensive craftsmanship. They can be monogrammed or come in a his/her dish pair.

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Wedding season is rapidly approaching.

Whether it be you or a friend who’s taking the leap into responsible adulthood, the one event on every bachelor party checklist is some quality cigar time with the crew.

Many bachelor parties go down at a high-end cigar lounge. Many grooms find the atmosphere in a high-end cigar lounge to kick off the high life before the truly party begins.

Cigars are best enjoyed with one’s full faculty and senses are intact, before any night of alcohol induced stupor. A premium cigar will something to light a fire under him and break him out of his shell.

Stately, cigar connoisseurs fall often in the same rank as wine connoisseurs. So, feel free to give the gift of premium cigars to the man on the brink of giving up his previous life for the one woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life!

Ready to learn more about cigars? Learn the secrets to pick the perfect cigar.

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