How long do cigars last without a humidor?

Cigars stay entirely fresh for up to three days outside of a humidor, after which you will start to notice a negative difference in the taste and the burn of the cigar. Inside of a humidor, a cigar properly maintains the wrapper’s oils and humidity, which allows you to it preserve for years.

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A humidor is any kind of box or storage room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars.

Commonly, humidors are made out of wood, but in reality, they could be made out of any material.

The most important requirement for a humidor is to be completely airtight. That means that you could improvise a DIY (do it yourself) humidor with materials readily available at your home, like a cooler, a ziplock bag, or a kitchen container.

Cigars are stored optimally inside of a humidor at 70% humidity. While cigars are maintained with this constant level of humidity, it allows them keep fresh and properly preserve the wrapper’s oils over longs periods of time.

The experiment: keeping cigars outside of a humidor

Here at Xurvivor, we store thousands of cigars at a time inside of humidors kept at a constant 70% humidity.

Experiment starts with cigars stored at 70% humidity

1Experiment starts with cigars stored at 70% humidity.

We performed an experiment to find out what happens to a cigar when it's not stored properly.


We want to let you know what are the best practices for safely handling and storing cigars. This is especially important if you are buying cigars for a gift to someone, and don’t own a humidor to properly store them right away after purchase.

Outside of humidors humidity was 59%

2Humidity outside of the humidors was 59%.

For our experiment, here in our warehouse the humidity outside of the humidors was recorded at 59% (it is Florida after all!). Most likely, the relative indoor humidity at your home will be between 40 to 60%.

You might think that a few days might not make a big difference, but it does.

So... How long do cigars last at room temperature outside of the humidor?

Within 2-3 days, cigars will lose moisture and level up with the general humidity around them. So, in our warehouse during our experiment, we maintained temperature between 73-75 F, and 59-60% humidity, and the cigar stored outside of the humidor measured 60-61% humidity (leveled up with the environment around it) after only 2-3 days.

After 2 days humidity dropped to 61%

3Cigars lost humidity to level up with their surroundings within 2-3 days.

We repeated this experiment 10 times using different portable hygrometers to ensure dependable results.

So, the takeaway from our experiment is that you should always try to store cigars properly, even when it is only for a few days.

Are you gifting cigars and not sure how all this humidity talk affects you? No worries. Read our article, 10 Tips to Select Cigars for Gifts.

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