What is aHabano cigar?

A Habano cigar means a Cuban Cigar. The term Habano comes from the Spanish phrase From Havana, referring to the capital of Cuba.

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Depending on who you ask, Habano means something different. You have those who would define a Habano as a cigar made from Cuban tobacco. Others will add that it must be produced in Cuba entirely.

Cuba is by far the most famous cigar producing country in the world, and Cuban tobacco is renowned for its flavor and quality. However, today a large portion of tobacco grown all over the world comes from Cuban seed. That is probably why the term Habano is used in such a general way.

Also, cigars rolled using a Habano wrapper are often referred to as Habano cigars. Technically, this is not correct since all cigars that have Habano wrappers could be Habano cigars (depending on how you define Habano cigars), but not all Habano cigars use a Habano wrapper.

Difference with Habano cigar wrappers

A Habano cigar wrapper simply refers to any tobacco leaf grown from Cuban seeds that goes through a Cuban-style fermentation process. Today, most Habano wrappers are typically grown in Nicaragua and Ecuador.

In general, cigars with Habano wrappers are dark brown in color and have a rich aroma. Their colors vary depending on the origin, curing, and fermentation process. Nevertheless, Habano wrappers are darker in color than Natural wrappers, but lighter than Maduro.

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