What is a Parejo cigar?

A Parejo cigar is a cigar with the typical shape associated to cigars: even body, straight sides, rounded top and a flat bottom. Parejo is the most common shape of cigars in the world. All other shaped cigars are called Figurados. The word parejo means even, equal, or leveled in Spanish.

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Cigar shape infographic: learn the difference between a Parejo and Figurado.

Parejo Refers to the Cigar’s Shape

Parejo refers only to the shape of the cigar, not its length or thickness.

For example, a Xurvivor Robusto Clasico is a Parejo cigar that is 5 inches long and a 52 ring gauge. On the other hand, a Padron 1926 Series No. 1 is also a Parejo cigar (has the same traditional shape with a rounded top and flat bottom), but it’s 6.75 inches long and 54 ring gauge.

A cigar’s length is measured in inches, and thickness by its ring gauge. The length and ring gauge can vary slightly depending on brands and manufacturers.


Most Parejo cigars have a cylindrical (rounded) body; however, that is not always the case.

A Parejo cigar can be pressed to different shapes. For instance, a cigar can be box-pressed. Box-pressing makes cigars squarer, which was originally done in order to pack more cigars in boxes with a tighter fit.

Parejo cigars can also have some other minor aesthetical modifications like pigtails (small curly finish in the cap of the cigar that resembles a small pig’s tail).

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