What is a Torpedo cigar?

A Torpedo is a Figurado-shaped cigar with a straight body that tapers to a pointed head. The Torpedo’s measurements vary for different brands; however, they commonly vary between 6 to 7 inches long and 52 to 54 ring gauge. The Torpedo is not to be confused with a Pyramid cigar. which tapers the entire length of the cigar from foot to head.

Cigar Infographic

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Cigar infographic: learn how to cut a Torpedo cigar.

How to Cut a Torpedo Cigar

You should cut a Torpedo slightly different than a Parejo cigar. A Torpedo tends to produce a tighter draw that can be controlled depending on how deeply the cigar is cut, giving the cigar aficionado a nice control over the smoking experience.

  1. We recommend that you always use a straight cutter for Torpedo cigar.
  2. Hold the cigar with one hand and the cutter in the other with the label facing away from you.
  3. Cut the head of the cigar forming roughly a 45 degree angle away from you. The more of the head you cut, the more of a draw you will create.
  4. For your first cut, try starting about 1/8 of an inch down from the tip. If you are happy with the draw of the cigar, no need to do anything else. Otherwise, repeat the procedure above cutting a little more until the draw is right for you.

What not to do?

Remember never to cut the head down to the cigar’s shoulders. If you do so, you wouldn’t be smoking a tapered cigar head any longer! If you feel the need to do so, maybe a Torpedo is not the right shape for you.

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