What is the tradition of cigars when a baby is born?

When a baby is born, the father traditionally hands out cigars to close friends and family members, as a gesture that represents appreciation for their presence in the baby's life and the first celebration of the child's birth. This tradition is still in practice today.

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The tradition of handing out cigars when a baby was born comes from times when it was customary for the father, and men in general, to be excluded from the birth process. Men typically would wait for hours while the mother was in labor.

Today, smoking is not allowed in most closed or indoor spaces. In the past, that wasn't always the case.

People were allowed to smoke pretty much anywhere, including in waiting areas inside hospitals. Before hospitals, it was customary to have midwives or doctors attend to the child's birth at home, while men waited in the living room smoking cigars.

This tradition is still practiced in modern society; however, times have changed. Although cigars are still related to success and celebration, smoking the cigar usually happens after the birth at a small party, not inside the hospital.

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