Which cigars to buy when a baby is born?

When a baby is born always buy high quality hand rolled cigars, and in general, try to stay away from low-quality "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" products. For a premium cigar, you can expect to spend roughly at least $8 to $15 per stick.

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The tradition of buying cigars when a baby is born can be confusing.

Traditionally, the father is the one that buys the cigars, and hands them out to friends and family as an announcement. However, that is not always the case. In modern times, it is not uncommon for friend or family members to be the ones buying the cigars. But in either case, you can use the same guidelines to buy cigars.

Buying cigars, especially when you are not familiar with them, could be intimidating. In fact, you might be buying cigars but never smoked one in your life!

Buying cigars for gifts is just like buying a bottle of wine for a gift. You can buy a bottle for $5, $20, or $500. If you are not a wine expert you might be unsure on how to choose two that fall within your budget. After all, not everyone can't tell the difference between a $15 and a $30 bottle of wine. Nevertheless, anyone can easily Google search and find out how much it is.

A good guideline for handmade quality cigars is to expect to pay from $8 to $15 per cigar. Additionally, you can also search reviews and look at many other factors to judge or anticipate the quality of the product.

If you need to find the "perfect" cigar to celebrate the birth of a child, just treat it as any other gift. Not sure how to do that? No worries. Learn everything you need to know by reading our 10 Tips to Select Cigars for Gifts.

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