Who buys the cigars when a baby is born?

The tradition is for the father of the baby being born to buy the cigars and hand them out, after the birth of the child, to his close friends and relatives as if it was an announcement and celebration to welcome his baby into their lives.

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In modern society, men are typically very much involved in the entire process of childbirth: from lamaze classes to their presence in the delivery room. At least compared to the past when men were not really part of that entire process, especially labor, for which they just waited for hours in a waiting room while smoking cigars.

Being involved means that men nowadays have less time to think and plan about minor things like cigars. That is why in more recent times, it is also common for a family member or a close friend to buy the cigars and hand them out in a baby shower, to visitors at the hospital, or in a little get together at home.

If you happen to be that person who is looking to buy cigars for the upcoming birth of a child, you might have lots of questions.

First and foremost, the tradition of buying cigars when a baby is born is a gesture of friendship, love, and appreciation. Please don't forget that intention is everything. Understandably, you might want to make sure you find the right cigars. After all, the baby is only being born once!

So, need help picking out cigars for this special occasion? Consider yourself very lucky.

Before you buy a first random "it's a boy cigar" or "it's a girl cigar" you get from a Google search, please read out our article of what cigars to buy when a baby is born.

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