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Xurvivor Americano label

The Xurvivor Americano Maduro was conceptualized to be a powerful, bold, and flavorful cigar. This is a great choice for a smoke when celebrating a special occasion, or to enjoy with friends or business associates during a late afternoon or night event.

The carefully selected tobacco blend with a meticulous layering of Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves is what we call “unbalanced balance.” This cigar offers enough consistency to present a coherent smoking experience from beginning to end, yet enough complexity to offer an interesting ride that will take place across each third of the cigar.

Xurvivor Americano

Within our cigar collections, the Americano Maduro can be described as a full-bodied extrovert with a comforting aroma that will captivate all your senses. With a slightly richer flavor profile than our Evo XZ collection, everything about this cigar is about causing an impact. We trust smoking an Americano will always leave you with a smile and a deep desire to try another one again.

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Cigar Overview

  • Extremely limited production of 2500 cigars
  • Hand rolled in Ybor City
  • Maduro wrapper
  • Medium-Full body
  • Aged at least 3 months
  • Toro size
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