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Xurvivor Evo XZ label

Over the last 50 years, quality manufacturing in the United States has dramatically declined in almost every industry. In 1960, about one in four American workers had a manufacturing job. Today, fewer than one in ten are employed in this sector, according to government data.

Over time, a large number of cigar manufacturers have moved their operations or production to countries like Nicaragua and Dominican Republic to reduce costs.

Xurvivor Cigars was born out of our desire to share Ybor City with the world, and to showcase the amazing cigar craftsmanship being done by Cuban artisans today. We can proudly say that cigar manufacturing in the United States is unparalleled in terms of quality. However, this reasonably comes with a price tag.

Evo represents our desire to move forward, by going back to our roots.

Evo stands for Evolución (Evolution), and represents the evolution of our brand to create a competitive, high-quality collection of cigars handmade in the United States. And what better place to do that than from Ybor City: the cigar capital of the world.

How is Evo XZ different than other Xurvivor collections?

Ask anyone that has tried a Xurvivor cigar and they will tell you that Xurvivor is synonymous with quality. Our Evo XZ line is no different in terms of quality of materials or construction.

The only difference between Evo and our other collections (e.g. Clasico, Selecto) is that we do not age the cigars after curing. Aging cigars is very different than using aged leafs for manufacturing. Our proprietary aging process is very long and costly, and requires us to have large amounts of inventory in storage for months and years.

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Toro Rosado

A bold cigar that delivers a rich and savory flavor profile. An ideal choice for cigar aficionados looking for a delightful smoking experience.

Cigar Overview

  • Hand rolled in Ybor City
  • 6 x 54
  • Rosado wrapper
  • Medium to Full body
  • More Details

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