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Often, there are occasions when you want to give somebody a special gift, but you you are not sure if your gift is "special enough." Let us start by saying, if you put effort and thought behind your gift, it will always be special enough! In any way, maybe we can help you a little by offering some unique cigar gift ideas for that special someone in your life.

Start by reading our 10 tips to select cigars for gifts. We are sure after reading these you will be on your way to buying the perfect cigar gift.

10 tips to select cigars for gifts
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3 Unique Gift Ideas

You might think giving cigars or cigar-related gifts is not easy. After all, you might not know exactly the kind of cigars someone likes, or if they like cigars at all! Never fear. For each gift idea below we give you different options depending how much you know about the person receiving the gift.

Gift Ideas for Occasions

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