Gift IdeaCigar Poster

A cigar poster is a great gift for cigar aficionados, and can make all the difference livening up a room in a lounge or man cave. In general, posters are perfect for casual gifts because they are cost-effective, easy to get, and everyone loves them.

Cigar poster

A cigar poster will feel right at home in a cigar lounge, covered patio, or man cave. Posters are also good for tying the decoration or ambiance of a room together and showing off the owner’s personality.

If the person you are thinking of loves Habanos, a cigar poster would be a creative way to let them know how much you care, without having to break your wallet. They are great gifts for friends, bachelors, graduations, and birthdays.

For a picky cigar aficionado, we suggest gifting a collector’s edition print, like our Americano 2018 Limited Edition Cigar Poster. They would not only love them, but also would get to own something that just a few others in the world do!

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