Gift IdeaCigar Sampler

A cigar sampler is almost your perfect cigar gift. Why? Cigar aficionados and "wanderers" alike love cigar samplers. Cigar samplers make great gifts for many occasions including birthdays, bachelor parties, and holidays.

Sampler box

Somebody that does not regularly smoke cigars will likely make it a "social thing" and pick their favorite cigar from the sampler pack to smoke with friends, family or business associates.

Cigar aficionados and connoisseurs will certainly like to try a new brand or collection of fine handmade cigars. Think about giving a gift card to a new restaurant to a foodie. Just make sure the sampler is of fine cigars (after all, you probably would not enjoy a fast food gift card if you love great food!).

Want to know more? Here is the sampler we recommend:
Xurvivor Cigars

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