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New year's day is the one day of the year when cigars are truly appreciated by people that regularly do not smoke cigars!

four people celebrating in new year party

If you want to get some cigars for a friend, date, or colleague, or even for a party you are organizing, always go with fine handmade cigars.

Cigars in small doses are like tequila. Yes, you could do shots of cheap tequila. However, you or your friends will not enjoy sipping the tequila or appreciate the hangover the next day.

A New Year's party is not your common every-weekend party. People tend to be more interested in making it a special night to be remembered.

If you are looking to celebrate with style, a box of cigars will be a welcomed guest at your New Year's party. Even if you do not smoke, they can also be great party favors for your friends or guests when hosting a small group.

Depending on your budget, or how many people will be at the party, you can go with either a 6-pack or a full 25-cigar box.

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