Gift IdeaCigar T-shirt

Cigar T-shirts are great casual gifts for birthdays, holidays, or parties either for friends or that special someone in your life.

folded tshirt

A cigar t-shirt is much more personal than a typical gift like a gift card. Common gifts sometimes say, hey I did not think about it so I got you this.

T-shirts are also pretty budget-friendly; so, you really get your money's worth in terms of value. They are also pretty handy. So, as long as the person uses t-shirts, they will use your gift (and most likely brag about it too).

We recommend either a cigar women's t-shirt or the men's. These shirts not only mention cigars, but also Ybor City (the capital cigar of the world).

Want to know more? Here are the t-shirts we recommend

All I need is coffee and a cigar tshirt
Xurvivor Cigars

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